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  1. EXID


    Come and have a drink everyone! Since this is new topic , i am curious about something. Are there level requirements for 400+ sets? (Bloodangel , Darkangel,etc.) Also is there a requirement for Str/Agi on EE set and mg ene set? Thanks!
  2. EXID

    REPUBLIC for english speakers

    Guild REPUBLIC is open for either new or old english speaking players. REPUBLIC was founded on 12.11.2019 by a EXID with it's main purpose of gathering english speaking players in one place for a more enjoyable and fun experience while playing. REPUBLIC is not just a guild , it's a shelter...
  3. EXID

    English Account stuck issue

    Hello, When trying to connect it say "Account already connected" , if i try to unstuck from website it say "Your account is online, please disconnect. " I've sent an report with details about username/ign of chars affected. If anyone else know something about this fix , please share your...
  4. EXID

    English About Rune Wizard

    I am new to this community and i started with a rune wizard char but to my surprise there is no item in shops for this char. I saw various shops for SM/ELF/BK/GL...there is the unversal shop outside of lore for most str chars but no rw shop foer either items or skills. So i'm level 300+ and i...