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Christmas and New Year Event


Staff member

Ho-ho-hope you've had a good time playing Inka MU all this year long. In between eating ridiculous amounts of panettone, candy canes and nuts, we've also been preparing plenty of festive fun for all of you. You're cordially invited to celebrate with us from 22/12/2019 ~ 06/01/2019.

+30% Ecoins and Mysterious Boxes
Donate Now and receive 30% Extra Ecoins, take advatange of our mysterious boxes packages, get your buffs, boost your level up and find the precious mysterious stone to enhance your gear.

Invitation to Santa Village
During the event period Cursed Santa and its cursed goblins will invade Lorencia, noria and devias in different times in the day (see table below), when killed they will give you zen and an invitation to Santa Village. Inside Santa Village you will find Santa Claus which will bring you 3 free gifts everyday you visit him (every 24 hours, see list below) and additional several gnomes which will give you free buffs that last 1 day.

Santa 1st visit will gives Rudolph pet and Snowman Ring, second and third gift request at Santa will give any of the item belows:

Jewel of Excess*
(Hero) Blood Angel Spirit
Elemental Talisman of Luck
Bounded Bless of Light (Greater)
Bounded Bless of Light (Medium)
Bounded Bless of Light (Low)
Elemental Capsules x5
Sphere Capsules x5
Lethal Wizards Ring

Cursed Santa Invasion Schedule:

1:20 AM3:20 AM
5:20 AM7:20 AM
9:20 AM11:20 AM
1:20 PM3:20 PM
5:20 PM7:20 PM
9:20 PM11:20 PM

*Note: Jewel of Excess allow you to turn any Normal Item into Excellent and add to it up to 2 excellent options. In case an item is already excellent it will change its options and If the item has more than 2 excellent options it will reduce its options down to 2, be careful using this jewel.

Ruuds x2 and Sealed Bloodangel Set discounted
During the event period enjoy ruuds x2 but that is not all, you also will have Sealed Bloodangel Sets all at half price (25,000 ruuds instead 50,000 per part). This is your time to gear up all your party and favorite characters!.

30% EXP Bonus
Enjoy your FREE time during this holidays and boost your level with this EXP Boost take advatange of our awesome events (devil square, blood castle and so on) to event boost yourself more! Happy Gaming.

Thank you very much for being part of this family all this time and more to come,
Inka MU Staff