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Welcome the Inka MU Community
In order for your stay to be as pleasant as possible, and to maintain order, we have devised a set of rules that we expect everyone to follow. Please take your time and read through them.

Section 1
General Behaviour

1a. Show respect to members and staff members alike. Everyone is here to have fun. Do not discriminate due to gender, race, religion, family, background and preferences. We are all individuals with our own unique quirks. Refrain from using derogatory, irritating, harassing and provocative language.

1b. Please do not name and shame. If you need to report someone for a rule violation use the report forms provided on this page. Any public reports will be close and/or deleted.

1c. If you wish to contact a particular person, please use either the Private Messaging or Visitor Messaging function. Do not create a thread dedicated to them unless there is absolutely no other option.

1d. Do not impersonate or misrepresent any member of our community. Any such behaviour will be dealt with swiftly.

1e. If you have a disagreement with a staff member, feel free to take it up with their seniors. If you have an issue with a Moderator, contact a Lead Moderator. For an issue with a Game Master, contact a Head Game Master. For an issue with a Head Game Master or Lead Moderator, contact the Administrator or Community Manager respectively.

1f. Advertising another server will get you instantly banned.

Section 2
Posting Rules

2a. Please post according to topic and remember that quality is better than quantity. We have special sections such as the Spam Zone, where you may go off-topic as you see fit. The rest of the forum is covered by this rule however, and any threads started there will be about that particular topic alone.

2b. Do not double post. If you remember that you have something else to add, feel free to use the edit option after you post. If you are unable to, contact a moderator to help you with this issue via the "Report Post" option.

2c. Abusing the Reputation System is not allowed. Please refrain from granting reputation for silly posts, or trading reputation for your own ego. If you are caught doing this, you will receive a warning, and if you continue to break this rule, your reputation will be disabled.

2d. Do not, under any circumstance, post obscene/pornographic/disturbing material on this forum. There are kids browsing these forums, and we do not wish to expose them to such images. What is considered obscene is at the discretion of the forum moderators. In some cases you may get away with a warning or infraction. Severe cases will lead to a ban anywhere from 1 month to 3 months. Absurd cases may even lead to a permanent ban.

2e. You may select the appropriate sub-forum according to your language to receive support or socialize with others in that particular language. Nevertheless forums that doesn't provide a sub-forum that specify a language can only post rather in english or spanish. We are a multinational community, and the two most prominent languages are english or spanish therefore please try to use those at all times.

2f. Do not bump your threads too early. Try to wait at least 6 hrs between bump posts.

Section 3
Market Rules

3a. Trading Inka MU items to the following returns is prohibited and may be punished with both a forum and in-game ban.
  • Real currency, regardless of country.
  • Virtual currency that can, at any point in time, be purchased with real currency, regardless of whether or not it can be earned through trades, gameplay and events.
  • Load, phone credit and other such currencies.
  • Other MU online server
  • Trading of other games,account or non Inka MU is forbidden
3b. Trading Inka MU items for items in other video games is allowed. However, you may not trade Inka MU items for currency cards such as Steam Wallet Cards. Please read the Other Games Market for more information and detailed rules.

Section 4
Privacy Rule

There are many private platforms within the community forum. Such platforms include guild halls, private messaging, staff halls and anything that is said in confidence behind closed doors. As such, we must apply a set of rules for these private platforms.

4a. Any posts within a guild hall may only be released to public by a guild hall moderator. A guild hall moderator may tell you privately of the affairs of his guild hall, but you may not reveal it to anyone else unless the guild hall moderators allow it.

4b. Private messages are, as the name implies, private. If a user sends you a private message, you must not reveal it to the public, regardless of what the message contains. If the message is against the forum rules, report it to a moderator at once. Do not take matters into your own hands.

4c. It is absolutely prohibited for any staff members to reveal private staff hall information without the consent of their respective senior. Staff hall information is sensitive and may be misinterpreted, therefore causing damage to image and reputation of some members.

Section 5
Miscellaneous Rules

5a. Promoting illegal substances such as drugs, alcohol and illegal practices such as prostitution, child abuse and so on it not allowed, and will be dealt with according to the severity of the case. The majority of users on this forum are teenagers, and everyone should keep that in mind before discussing adult topics.

5b. Posting referral links to websites in which you stand to gain is allowed as long as you clearly state that this is a referral link and what you will gain from it. Attempting to hide such link or not mentioning that the link is a referral will get it deleted and you may suffer some extra consequences for it.

5c. All event prizes which are not granted immediately have a 1 week expiry date. That means that from the time you are declared winner, you have 1 week to lodge a prize request otherwise your forfeit the prize.

Section 6
Final Notes

6a. Whilst the rules of the forum are presented in this thread, moderators may bend them on a case to case basis. This means that if you do something that is not technically against the rule, with the appropriate reasons and proof, a moderator may bend the rule to suit the situation.

6b. These rules may be changed by the Admin, Assistant Admin, Community Manager and Lead Moderators at any point in time with no warning. A post notifying of an update will be made in this thread as well as a force read for everyone. There will be no excuse such as "I didn't read the rules."
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