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How can I achieve the best curtain cleaning? Tricks and tips


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How can I achieve the best curtain cleaning? Tricks and tips
The importance of cleaning curtains at the hands of specialists in Dammam Cleaning Company
Dammam Cleaning Company
If you don't know where to start cleaning curtains, at Dammam Cleaning Company, we tell you some tricks and tips to sterilize these forgotten items, in many cases due to the complexity and discomfort of these tasks.

While cleaning the blinds, there are four issues to consider: the type and height of the windows, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, the type of materials they are made of, and the shape of their structure.

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How to clean blinds from outside without removing them on higher floors
When it comes to this type of element, we are referring to the difficult access to cleaning curtains located outside windows on higher floors.

This type of curtain cleaning is always more complicated, due to the irrigation involved in accessing it, so note:

Roller blinds with roller
Regardless of the manufacturing material, the use of a vacuum cleaner is always the most recommended procedure for removing dust

On the inner and outer side, when cleaning curtains of any kind.

Cylindrical roller blinds
If you have a vacuum cleaner, first clean the inside of the interior, and lower the blind completely,

Then install a brush in the nozzle of your machine to avoid damaging the materials.

If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, or have to clean the blinds without assistance, you can use a few

From dust collectors, you won't be able to complete the mission with just one.

Clean in corridors parallel to the slats, starting from top to end in the lowest area, as we clean windows in the house.

Close the window where you will be working, to dodge hazards, and stand on stairs to clean the outdoor blinds.

Then with the help of another person unscrewing small sections, begin to work by passing the available cylinder surface with a vacuum cleaner,

As we just commented on in the previous paragraph, until the specialists are not completely full.

If you want to perform a deeper curtain cleaning, you will have to use the wet procedure below, using a rag

Wetted in a product suitable for your curtain material, as shown below.

In this case, you will have to repeat both the inside and outside top cleaning processes, always starting from the dirtiest part to the cleanest part.

Mallorca curtains
As in the previous case, to clean Mallorca curtains on raised floors, you must first remove dust from the slats inside

Using a vacuum cleaner or dust catchers, then fixing one of the papers so that it does not fold,

And to be able to clean the outside with the help of a duster, always from top to bottom.

In no case should you try to reach the threshold, given the great risks with which you can run,

So with the window sash on the part where you will do well, take out your arm and help yourself with the handle, to reach the areas very far away.

As for the wet cleaning, it works indoors through the passages towards the slats and always from the top to the lowest part.

On the outside, use a sponge moistened with water and ammonia, or an appropriate product, which is always drained in any case, to prevent dirt from slipping off.

Rinse in a bucket with water in each lane, attaching to an extendable handle with the end of the elbow, as it cleans the outside blinds.

Complete cleaning of electronic blinds
To clean this kind of blinds completely after removing the outer and inner dust, it can be very practical to use a pressurized steamer machine,

Starting on the outside, as this removes all stains more easily, reaching all the gaps, then finish cleaning the inside of the curtains with a damp cloth.

But keep in mind that when you close the sheet you are working on, after you are done cleaning the curtains, you will have to

Clean the exterior of your windows and windows with steam leftovers, so you'll also have to clean your windows.

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Have you thought about hiring a home curtain cleaning company?
How to clean interior blinds
These types of elements are usually installed inside windows, which helps when cleaning blinds,

It can be rolled from fabric, sheet metal, wood or PVC.

And if the fabric metal curtain structure is too complicated or not washable, it is better to hire a cleaning service.

So when you see that they need cleaning, release them from their anchors, or hooks, to lower the entire piece,

And spread it on the floor to remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or a rag on both sides.

Then the best option for cleaning Venetian blinds from PVC, aluminum or washable fabric is to place them in the bathtub with soapy water.

Leave it on for a while to remove dirt.

Check if there are any stains afterwards to rub them with a sponge on the plastic or aluminum curtain slats, and with a nail brush,

On the fabric, then rinse it with a shower hose, to finally dry it in the air, vertically.

To clean the blinds with wooden slats, after removing all the dust, you can apply wax spray to care for the forest.

How to clean windows from different materials
When performing a deep cleaning with a wet system, you must take into account the type of material of the slats, so as not to spoil them.

Therefore, to clean the shutters with wooden slats, you must necessarily use a spray with furniture wax, in which you will keep the material moist and take care of it.

However, when cleaning aluminum or PVC slats or blinds, you can use a solution of water with warm ammonia, then finish rinsing with water only.
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